Betty Wright from the             Years

I Love The Way You Love (1972)

I Love The Way You Love
I'll Love You Forever Heart And Soul
I Found That Guy
All Your Kissin' Sho' Don't Make True Lovin' 
If You Love Me Like You Say You Love Me
Clean Up Woman
I'm Gettin' Tired Baby 
Pure Love
                                                       Ain't No Sunshine
                                                       Don't Let It End This Way
                                                       Let's Not Rush Down The Road Of Love

Hard to Stop (1973)

I Am Woman
Sweet Wonder
The Experts
We The Two Of Us
Let Me Go Down
Gimme Back My Man
Who'll Be The Fool
The Babysitter

If You Think You've Got Soul                                                                       Hard To Stop

Danger - High Voltage (1974)

Everybody Was Rockin' 
Love Don't Grow On A Love Tree 
Show Your Girl 
Come On Up 
Shoorah! Shoorah! 

Where Is The Love 

That's When I'll Stop Loving You

Don't Thank Me Baby, Thank Yourself 

Tonight Is The Night 

Explosion (1976)

Open The Door To Your Heart 
Do Right Girl 
I Think I'd Better Think About It 
Smother Me With Your Love
Don't Forget To Say I Love You Today
Keep Feelin' 
Rock On Baby, Rock On 
If I Ever Do Wrong 

This Time For Real (1977)

That Man Of Mine 
Wonderful Baby 
If You Abuse My Love (You'll Lose My Love) 
You Can't See For Lookin' 
A Sometime Kind Of Thing 
Brick Grits 


                                                       Give Me More, More, More                                                                         Room At The Top 

Betty Travelin' In The Wright Circle (1979)

I'm Telling You Now
Child Of The Man
You're Just What I Need 
My Love Is
Open The Door To Your Heart /

Love Train
I Believe It's Love
Thank You For The Many Things                                                               You've Done

                                                       Listen To The Music (Dance)