Betty Wright from the             Years


Love is giving
When there is no more to give
Love is carin' so much about someone
Till it makes it make we wanna live
And when every (Every) everything passes away
Oh...whoa... (Well) and you can't tell night from day (Just one thing)
There is one thing you can say, oh, baby

My love is, ho...yeah
Love is,..crying when you know you share your share of tears, yes, you have (Oh, yeah)
Love is forgivin' over and over (Over and over)
Over and over (Over and over) all through the years

And when every (Every) everything right seems wrong
And all of your false friends (No good friends), ho, they're long gone
Check it out (Check it out), baby
My love will still be strong, you know why, you know why

My love is, yeah, oh, oh, oh...ho...

My love is, oh, oh, hey...sing
Love is giving, woo...woo... woo...
Love is caring, woo...woo... woo...

Mmm, hmm
Mmm, hmm
Mmm, mmm, hmm

There is one thing (There's one thing) you can say, yeah...
Oh, baby, hey, baby

My love is, whoa...yeah
Oh, yeah, yeah